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Oldschool Punkrock from Vienna, Austria

BIO (english version)

DOPE, GUNS n´ FUCKIN´ in the STREETS was founded in 1990 by ALFI STONEBURNER, GUSTL 13A (before vocalist of BRIGADE NIEDERLAGE and METASYSTOX), MIKE HÄMMA and UHU CHRIS. The Band was a fix inventory of the Austrian Punk scene in the 90th and played at that time with bands like COSMIC PSYCHOS, NO MEANS NO, SOUL FOR SALE, FREAKY FUNKIN´ WEIRDOZ, CRAWLPAPPY and SUICIDAL TENDENCIES.
1991 DOPE, GUNS n´ FUCKIN´ in THE STREETS recorded their first LP in Prag (CZ) under the Label of CORE S.A.I.R and played after that a tour in Czech Republik and Slovakia. Besides the band released two songs on the H:C:O:P sampler (an Austrian PUNK sampler). Special attention was attracted by the Winter-Open-Airs of the Band in the Viennese Arena, which remains in the heads of the fans till to date. Throug the ages (second decade of the 90th) the lineup changed as BERTL MEIA joined the band as 2nd gitarman, besides Zoran Nakovski played bass as UHU CHRIS (alias Dr. Krise) leaves the band. In 2000 finally GUSTL 13A leaves the band and after a short stay alive with Dave Dempsy as vocalist, the band broke up in 2001.
DOPE, GUNS n´ FUCKIN´ in the STREETS are in force with bands as DEAD NITTELS, MORDBUBEN AG, SCHUND and CHUZPE, and were an instance of Punk-Rock in the Austrian scene of the 90th till to date …
As UHU Chris (alias Dr. Krise) died by a cycle-accident (2011), the band reunite with the lineup of former days (GUSTL 13A, ALFI STONEBURNER, MIKE HÄMMA und BERTL MEIA) to play a "TRIBUTE TO KRISE" gig on 16th Dec. 2011 at Arena Beisl. The vacant space of Chris (Dr. Krise) was filled with CLAUDIA "SHADOWEYE" as bassgirl and because of the tremendous feedback of the fans the band is still at work.
After a lot of gigs in the following, amongst others e.g  SLIME  at Viennese Arena or SHAM 69, the band established again in the scene and recorded in Dec. 2012 with Gregor KEKS Streng (soundbakery studios | Vienna) the new CD "IN FUCK WE TRUST“. ALFI STONEBURNER leaves  the band in the end of 2013, and DOPE, GUNS n´ FUCKIN´ in the STREETS will be continued as an four musician lineup in 2014.
1990: founding (lineup: Gustl 13A (Voc.), Mike Hammer Schulze (Drums), Chris Dr. Krise (Bass), Alfi Stoneburner (Git.))
1991: LP NO MESSAGE, recorded und produced in Prag C.O.R.E SAIR Records (CZ)
1991: Tour CZ und Slovakia 
1992: H:C:O:P Sampler (two songs added)
1993: first Winter Open Air
1996-1998: Zoran Narkovski (Bass) und Norbert Meier (Git) joined DGFS, Dr. Krise leaves the band
(lineup: Gustl 13A, Mike Hämma, Zoran Narkovski, Alfi Stoneburner, Bertl Meia) 
1991-1999: DGFS played with internationalen bands like: 
2000: GUSTL 13A leaves the band, Dave Dempsey new vocalist
2001: Breakup
2011: Chris Dr. Krise (†) by cycle-accident
2011: Claudia "Shadoweye" joined DGFS as bassgirl
16.12.2011: DGFS Reunion, "Tribute to Krise" gig at Arena Beisl
2012: 5 Gigs amongst others with SLIME, Publications: 3 Bootlegs (Set 16, White one, No message - LP sold out)
December 2012: New CD - recorded, mixed n´ mastered at soundbakery studios | Vienna by Gregor Streng
13.04.2013: New CD: IN FUCK WE TRUST realesed
since April 2013: Publication of the Videos: `I drink beer´, `Fuck Police´ and a few livevideos
June 2013: DGFS @ Mulatschag (live) | OKTO TV
Dec 2013: Live with Sham 69 @ Shelter
Dec 2013: ALFI STONEBURNER leaves the Band, but will be available as guestplayer
Apr 2014: for the time being last GIG at BACH/Vienna
MAI 2014: SICKPACK Combilation release (mp3)
Gustl 13A (Vocals)
Mike Hämma (Drums)
Norbert Bertl Meia (Guitar)
Claudia Shadoweye (Bass)